A trip down Stouffville’s main street.

Stouffville is now one more in the web of Toronto’s suburban communities. All around the old core of the original village, which dates from the late 1800’s one can see oceans of new roofs. I’ve only visited this town a few times before and always in the course of my job. I hadn’t looked around very much. The other day, however, I was in town at the end of my shift, and I had my camera.

For me, one of the charms of Stouffville is that it hasn’t been Disneyfied like like a handful of similar small towns and villages on the outer verges of Toronto (such as Unionville, which I will get to later). At the same time, the focus of the new residents in the surrounding sprawl is evidently not on this street. They probably do their shopping at nearby malls and big box stores. The place is looking a just little down at the heels… Which makes it a pretty good place for some Sign Observing.

(Slide Show)





I guess the intent is to honour the town’s Victorian heritage by using a cutesy serif typeface and “colonial style” borders on street signs.

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One response to “A trip down Stouffville’s main street.

  1. The fire hall in the picture is being replaced by a new one close to the new high school – I don’t know what is planned for the old building.

    Your comment about shopping in local big box malls is most likely correct, but Main Street is slowly reinventing itself with places you won’t find in those types of malls. Places to eat, the Share N Care thrift shop, the Multiverse game shop – places where the locals meet and mingle.

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