On the Edge of Scarborough.

Friday I was driving north on Morning Side on the eastern edge of Scarborough. The was constrcution at Finch Ave, so I decided to go around it. I was like finding the place where the sidewalks end. The city just ended. I drove past a school on a very suburban street from which very urban looking kids were leaving for the day, turned a corner and suddenly, there was a house with a horse in the front yard. The road went from there down into a valley at the bottom of which was this beautiful bridge.

from the south

I of course, stopped to take pictures of the signs.

Post-Metric and Pre-Digital

& They are hand painted, or a combination of screen printed and hand painted on retro reflective sheeting. The fact that the signs are metric means they were made and installed some time after 1971. being hand painted suggests they were made before the mid 1980’s.

Hand painted numbers

Curiously, the .1 is smaller than the 4. Sort of an subliminal message that suggests scrunching down to avoid the overhead obstacle?

No, I guess not.

rather oddly the .1 is a size smaller that the 4

View of the bridge from the north

Narroe Bridge

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :


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